The general objectives of the EnRiMa project are:

  • Develop an interdisciplinary decision support for operators to help them to meet their needs in a more efficient, less costly, and less CO2 - intensive manner
  • Enhance the existing methodology for modelling energy flows in buildings with recent advances in efficient management of uncertainty
  • Facilitate the operators’ on-site generation dispatch, off-site energy purchases from diverse sources, and open positions in energy markets
  • Enable long-term planning aimed at increasing energy efficiency, specifically analysis of retrofits and/or expansion of on-site energy sub-systems in order to meet forthcoming EU targets for CO2 emissions reduction
  • Improve energy efficiency and sub-system integration in line with EU targets

The operational objectives of the EnRiMa project are:

  • Integrated analysis of energy sub-systems and their interactions
  • Improved forecasting of electricity and fuel prices as well as energy loads
  • DSS Engine for integrated management of energy-efficient sites
  • Customised and user-friendly interface for the DSS Engine linked to a user’s existing ICT architectures
  • Testing and quantification of the DSS Engine benefits
  • Validation of the DSS in different EU European buildings and public space
  • Promoting adaptation of the system for buildings and/or spaces of public use

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