Events organised by EnRiMa in collaboration with other projects

27 Febrero 2014 - Oviedo, Spain

On February 27th the EnRiMa DSS System was presented during the “European projects on energy efficiency in buildings” symposium in Oviedo, Spain. 

2 October 2013 - Bilbao, Spain
EnRiMa jointly organised the event "Expert Application Catalogue for Energy Management in Buildings"

The EnRiMa, Wattalyst and CONCERTO PIME’s projects jointly organised an event with the aim of presenting their new developments related to energy efficiency in buildings.

25 February 2013 - Oviedo, Spain
EnRiMa at the “European projects on energy efficiency in buildings” symposium in Oviedo, Spain

On 25 February 2013, several partners of the EnRiMa consortium participated in the “European projects on energy efficiency in buildings” symposium, which took place at the Auditorium Príncipe Felipe in Oviedo, Spain. The event was organised by FAEN (the Asturian Energy Foundation), with the support of EnRiMa partners HC ENERGÍA and Minerva Consulting and Communication.

20 June 2012 - Brussels, Belgium
EnRiMa at the EUSEW 2012: “ICT for Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Communities: from research to implementation"

EnRiMa, ICT4E2B Forum and IREEN projects are the co-organisers of the event “ICT FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS AND COMMUNITIES: FROM RESEARCH TO IMPLEMENTATION” that took place on the 20th June, from 2pm to 6 pm at the Stockholm Region EU Office (Avenue Marnix 28), in Brussels during the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

24/25 October 2011 - Nice, France
Workshop in Nice: EnRiMa project presented the DSS systems and energy flows models

EnRiMa project took part in the “ICT for sustainable Homes” conference and exhibition in Nice, France, on the 24th-25th October 2011, with a dedicated workshop along with other four EU funded projects E3SoHo, SportE2, Energy Warden and Tibucon.


DSS Information Sessions

4 DSS Information Sessions are organised in the final year of the project in order to involve potential users and other target stakeholder groups in the finalisation of the DSS platform.

14/15 November 2013 - Pinkafeld, Austria
EnRiMa DSS System presented at the e-Nova 2013 International Congress

EnRiMa project was presented during a dedicated session at the e-Nova 2013 International Congress that took place on 14 - 15 November 2013, in Pinkafeld, Austria. This year, the conference focused on Sustainable Buildings and more specifically on three main topics: their supply, evaluation and integration in the overall social and economic environment.

2 October 2013 - Bilbao, Spain
3rd ESES Congress and Energy Management Workshop organised by Tecnalia

EnRiMa project was presented in a dedicated workshop Smart tools catalogue for the energy management in buildings” that took place as a side event of a larger conference, the third edition of Congreso ESES, in Bilbao, Spain on 1 and 2 October 2013

27 February 2014 -  Oviedo, Spain
EnRiMa DSS System to Increase Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

On February 27th the EnRiMa DSS System will be presented during the “European projects on energy efficiency in buildings” symposium in Oviedo, Spain.

12 March 2014 - Stockholm, Sweden
EnRiMa's DSS System showcased in Sweden

In conjunction with Systemvetardagen at Kista, Sweden, EnRiMa held an information session to showcase the capabilities of its decision support system (DSS).

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