EnRiMa's DSS System showcased in Sweden

In conjunction with Systemvetardagen at Kista, Sweden, EnRiMa held an information session to showcase the capabilities of its decision support system (DSS) on the 12th of March. The EnRiMa team interacted with other participants at Systemvetargaden before proceeding to start with its dedicated information session followed by a Q&A session over lunch. In attendance were representatives of Akademiska Hus and Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency). 
The project coordinator, Afzal Siddiqui, gave an overview of the policy context and described the scope of the DSS. Martin Henkel, who was responsible for GUI development and integration, gave a live demo of the DSS. Questions from the participants focused on the model’s treatment of multiple zones in a building, marketing of the DSS modules to the same user, and the need for connecting with the site’s BEMS. In the opinion of the EnRiMa team, the two types of decision support (operational and strategic) are unique for the market and could be a strong selling point of the DSS along with its high level of integration. Possible business models that came out of the discussion were for Akademiska Hus to use the strategic model for analysing retrofits and energy auditors to deploy both modules for long- and short-term analyses.

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