EnRiMa to start collaboration with the INNOSPIRIT project

The University of Applied Science - Campus Pinkafeld and CET start collaboration within the project INNOSPIRIT and will use EnRiMa at one or more buildings in Austria or Hungary. The objective of the INNOSPIRIT project is to improve technology transfer of innovations to cities and regions in parts of Austria and Hungary. INNOSPIRIT is funded through the EU’s European Regional Development fund to improve collaboration between regions to enable economic convergence. Within the project, at least four good practice examples will be developed that show how to transfer technology most effectively and how to provide new methodologies and services in cities and regions. The project’s link to EnRiMa is through the EnRiMa test site Campus Pinkafeld, which is one of the two University of Applied Science Burgenland campuses. As an example of exemplary practice concerning technology innovation and transfer, campus Pinkafeld and CET will collaborate to identify a good EnRiMa candidate building within INNOSPIRIT. This site will then be used as an incubator for further EnRiMa customization to lead to more widespread adoption. 


For more information, please visit CET Website and the EnRiMa Website

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