EnRiMa DSS System presented at the e-Nova 2013 International Congress

The EnRiMa European research project has been presented on 14 November 2013 during two dedicated sessions at the e-Nova 2013 International Congress. During these sessions, held on the Pinkafeld Campus of FH Burgenland (organisers of the conference),  several members from project’s international consortium have presented and demonstrated to the audience the Decision Support System (DSS) tool developed within the project, providing an overview of its functionalities and discussing its possible market applications. 
The EnRiMa DSS consists of a control system that provides building operators with operational advice on optimal deployment of existing energy resources and loads, as well as with guidance on adoption of new equipment and retrofits. Energy efficiency in buildings represents the largest European energy saving potential and the DSS, when applied to an existing building, unlocks an energy saving potential ranging from 10 to 20% of original consumption.
In particular, during the event the EnRiMa DSS has been demonstrated in live action on the Pinkafeld campus, one of the four test sites chosen to verify its validity. The EnRiMa DSS is in fact seamlessly integrated with the campus’ building energy management system (BEMS), allowing for direct enactment of the energy saving measures that can be delivered by the tool.

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