The EnRiMa DSS - Overview

The EnRiMa decision support system (DSS) allowed users to lower the energy use of a building by making the best use of the installed building equipment. The system also supported users when making long-term decisions, such a making investments in new building equipment and selecting between energy tariffs. To provide decision support, the EnRiMa DSS made use of state-of-the-art optimisation software. The EnRiMa DSS was used via a standard web browser.

The DSS contained a two decision model – an operational and the strategic model.
The operational model optimised the usage of on-site and purchased energy without the installation of any new technologies. The inputs to the model were the properties of the building and installed equipment, as well as desired indoor temperature ranges. The result was optimal indoor temperature set-points as well as information about when to use which of the installed technologies in which amount. The model provided decision support for the upcoming 24 hours.
The strategic model optimised the long-term energy fulfilment through the use of new technologies. The inputs to the model were the properties of the installed technologies as well as those of future considered technologies. Furthermore the model makes use of estimations of energy price developments. The result is investment advice, in the form of which technologies to buy and when to buy them. The model provides decision support for the forthcoming 15 years.
The status if this project is complete.

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